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The world has witness the execution by Prime Minister Golding clumsy operation in trying to satisfy the demand of the United States of America. As the prime minister of a sovereign state one should put his country interest first in dealing with an internal matter. The United States government conducts its business without interference from any outside influence, we should do so accordingly. The mainstream media, part of the state propaganda outlet is fully engage in deceiving the people on this tragic operation. We are of the opinion that this operation was rush to please the United States ignoring our existing conditions as it regards to Tivoli gardens.  This operation had a two fold intention. Implementation of the anti drug, corruption and terrorism policy of the United States. The other aspect is the impending enactment of the IMF harsh economic policies on the backs of the poor and working class people of Jamaica which would lead to social unrest. This unrest would have the support of armed unemployed youth under the tutelage of garrison leaders. This situation was too toxic so the time to act was now. The state was never under threat!! The poor were the ones that were threatened, no jobs, high cost of living, deplorable living conditions and no hope.

The garrisons are populated with mostly poor and working people with political allegiance to the two political parties. Mr. Golding decides to sacrifice his constituency to satisfy his imperial master. He is a master of deception; he used that well during his campaign also his abandonment of his own party, the NDM. His victory of the head of the JLP then was heralded by the mainstream media as brilliant and exemplary. Mr.Seaga had said of his compatriot that they were not fit to run the party. The history of Jamaica has shown that the poor always suffer due to our leaders inept policies. The security forces are usually brought in to finish the dirty work, this operation was no exception. Notice the mainstream media are not calling for the investigation of a) the Jamaica labor party B) all political official that are tied to corruption, (the United States must release all info it has on these officials ) and the release of all communication between the government/Jamaica labor party officials and United States official leading up to this travesty. Did Mr. Golding lie about the United States violation of tenets of the extradition treaty? Dudus must face his day in court but his benefactors must answer charges also.


The truth will emerge but this political game have to end .The Jamaican people have condone this tribal/colonial policies of our government for too long. We are disconnected from our youth and have corrupted their minds with western culture and eliminated from their life the historic acts of our heroes in defending our sovereignty. Dudus was only part of the plan of maintaining the status quo. We must end the status quo by democratizing

the system. The electoral system must be amended to include giving the electoral commission the power to set the election date, to operate the election, to have its own security apparatus, to include in its charter that any body that want to represent any constituency in Jamaica must reside permanently inside it and they must be a Jamaica citizen!! We need to set up our own independent judiciary with its own budget. The chief justice must be appointed by its own peer every four years. All Member of Parliament must have no interest in businesses. The police commission must be independent. All superintendents from each parish must face the electorate. From this pool of Superintendent the commissioner must be appointed. This should take no more than three months to pass in parliament. It took our government almost fifteen years to fix flat bridge!! We must put them to work, they work hard to satisfy the United States and the private sector, let them work for us.

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This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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