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Press Release by: Jamaica Peace Council

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Dear, Editor,

The Jamaica Peace Council calls on Barack Obama, president of the United States of America, to live up to his Nobel Peace Prize and his anti-war pronouncements prior to taking office by cancelling all plans to invade Syria.

The US has no moral grounds for invading that country and has shown a track record of bloody wars initiated under false pretences for the sole purpose of dominating other nations and controlling their natural resources. The strategy is transparent. It is no longer a secret.

These wars take a toll on citizens of both the US and the countries it attacks, leaving behind a trail of shattered family lives, social dislocation, mental disorder, hundreds of thousands of maimed and dead bodies, and destroyed cities, towns, villages, and national treasures.

People all over the world are crying out: "Enough! No more! We want to live in peace. We do not need a big brother watching over us."

The Jamaica Peace Council urges the Jamaican Government and other Caribbean governments to join the rest of the world in speaking out against the planned attack on Syria. Yesterday it was Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Today it is Syria. Which country will be next?

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