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The Jamaican government have declare that our country have passed the first round of evaluation by the international monetary fund. This multilateral lending agency with its headquarters in the United States of America gives good grade when you sell all your prize assets at steep discount, reduce educational funding, downgrade your public services, pay very low wages, reduce government involvement in any economic activities and allow for multinational to dictate your economic future.
Jamaica under both Political parties has sign on to this formula. What both parties are realizing is that the economic situation is only getting worse because a) the private sector is not employing because they are more interested in becoming brokers of foreign entities, importers of consumer items, not investment in export related products thus no foreign exchange earnings capability, b) the government is only concern, following the IMF prescription, the collection of taxes and maintaining law and order, no money is earn doing that, c) the spiraling crime and murder rate, d) the migration of the professional class, d) the rising cost of basic food and medical items and the moral decay of the society.
This crisis will no doubt create tension within both parties as they try to pass blame while at the same time applying more economic hardship on our people. They both are ignoring the real problem, changing Holness and bringing in Mr. Audley Shaw is like jumping from the PNP to the JLP, more of the same. Poor Portia, she has signed on to be a Stateswoman to ensured the victory of the Party, the PNP has abandon the poor to the mercy of the IMF and the Private sector, Michael Manley must be turning in his grave.
The political system has outlived its usefulness. The radical transformation is needed with the democratization of our political life wherein out national policies must have as its nucleus the development of the majority of our people not the ten percent that now command. This must start with our constitution. The Jamaica Patriotic Movement will be exposing on this way forward with the introduction of its manifesto. Presently what will face our people is more economic hardship, the IMF/Private sector prescription.

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The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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