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The on going saga regarding the strongman of Tivoli continues to dominate local media which everyone is aware is own by members of the private sector. Is it strange how the private sector is calling for the removal of Mr. Coke Irrespective if the United States violated the treaty? Is Mr. Coke the real problem? Who created Mr. Coke? Why is he not in parliament if he is the most popular person in Tivoli? Why did the extradition treaty not mention affiliates who helped Mr. Coke with business transaction? How do you have a political system that cultivates garrison’s leaders but the system is not indicted!! The legal wrangling between Jamaica and the United States is simple; it becomes difficult because the prime minister is the Member of Parliament for that constituency And has an allegiance to that enclave. This prime minister championed the reformation of the constitution but should have started with his morals first. Did the United States violate the treaty? If they did then they should be held accountable!! If Mr. Golding lied the he should be held responsible and expel from parliament and the Jamaica labor party.

The country faces a deep social, economic, moral and leadership crisis. Both political parties are to be blamed. Parliament should convene and give the Attorney general full backing and support in dealing with this matter. This is a matter for the court to handle!!

Parliament must act to initiate an employment program, the government must be responsible for the people of Jamaica welfare, the private sector was not elected to perform,  the government was. The IMF policy will not work for the majority of Jamaica!! Only for the rich and their foreign backers. We support the call made by Dr. Phillip for constitutional reform but of a different type. We want the set up of an independent judiciary currently being advocated by Supreme judge Marva McDonald-Bishop. Parliament must also give full authority to the electoral commission to set the date for election and to include in its mandate that any future member of parliament running for election must reside in the constituency!! The police commission must be restructured to represent the will of the people. We must have thirteen commissioners each representing his or her district. They must be elected by the people. From these elected commissioners the commissioner of police is chosen from the thirteen by the governing party. Lastly, our vital industries must be own by the government with a minimum of fifty five percent. These acts will begin to address the issues confronting us.

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This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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