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The former Prime Minister, the honorable P J Patterson was honored by his compatriot in parliament for his service to his country. This gentleman presided over the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, the highest murder rate ever existed in Jamaica, carried out a armed incursion into Tivoli gardens that saw lifeless black poor Jamaicans lying in the burning sun, a result of the tribal quarrel with the then leader, Edward Seaga, and a contributed to our current economic crisis. This was his legacy.
This esteem gentleman a contributor to the tribal affairs in Jamaica is now lecturing to his friends in on how they must protect democracy by being more accountable and transparent. Mr. Patterson similar to his nemesis, Edward Seaga, are occasionally brought back to life by the ruling elites in Jamaica to add confusion and venom to an already a sordid state of affair they create and have no solution. There was never any real democracy in Jamaica since independence. What we have is a west minister model wrapped in tribal garb which was design to split our people into two hostile camp, PNP and JLP, to ensure that the neo-colonial class continue its rule and the private sector control most of our economic resources.
Mr. Patterson a democratic system does not sell its key asset to foreigner without its people discussing it and voting on it, a democratic system does not have its young bright people migrating to the richest country in the world because there is no employment, A democratic system protect its people, a democratic system does not allow ten percent of its people to own all the wealth and to dictate the direction of our country, a democratic system does not allow representation without resident status, a democratic system allow its people to participate in its economic, political, cultural and security decision, a democratic system make sure that nobody goes hungry, everybody has a shelter and the right to a better life and lastly a democratic system does not allow a foreign entity to dictate its foreign or domestic policy.
The democracy you are talking about is only enjoyed by your compatriots, the Jamaicans who own three quarters of our national debt, the private sector organization of Jamaica, a section of the middle class and the corrupted peons that ensure your significance. As a black Jamaican, you were given the chance to deliver your people, the majority black population of Jamaica to a better life but you decide to serve the interest of the rich and powerful and align yourself with our colonial masters. The foot prints that our national heroes left behind was too big for you to emulate, only revolutionary democrats can filled those.                                                                                                                         





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The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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