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The youths of Jamaica under the economic policies of the both political parties Since the Abandonment of the Michael Manley policies of Self Reliance and Economic independence have been decimated economically under the impact of the austerity programs endorsed by both political entities. The youth in the inner city is left with choices of migration, gangs, political overseer, prison or death. Youth in the rural areas fare worse than their counterparts in the city, they become part of the social decay that permeates the topical landscape. The few that find jobs in the hotel industry have to be satisfied with wages that range between 4000-6000 (JA$) weekly or become prostitute on the outer perimeters of the resort. There are those who are discreetly ushered inside the resort to satisfy the appetites of western and local patrons for a fee and some get jobs in return for becoming the boss sex slaves.
The entertainment scene in the capital is a laboratory of such abuse of young girls/boys from the inner city whose jobs depends on their allegiance to the sexual appetite of their bosses. Not conforming is usually caused for dismissal without warning! The prime minister visit to New York recently inviting prospective business people to come and invest in Jamaica because Jamaica is "open for business" meant exactly that, the right to exploit at will. Jamaica has yet to sign all the relevant documents related to the International Labor Laws that protect the rights and dignity of workers. The beneficiaries of these policies are the private sector organizations in Jamaica that have control of all the major industries and ensure this dominance by investing equally in both political parties. The fissure within the Jamaica Labor Party between Shaw and Holness saw the former during his tenure as Finance Minister exalting the need to use the IMF funds to pay off the local creditors while the latter was quick to sign the IMF documents if he had won the election. There we have it, both PNP and JLP all in compliance with an organization whose policies will result in the further dehumanization of our youths.

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The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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