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AFTER criticizing the film The Fifth Estate, based on his life story, for not adhering to the facts, Julian Assange has revealed the truth about his life in the Ecuadoran embassy in London, which granted him political asylum.

In a 90-minute Skype interview, reported by the UK Telegraph newspaper, a pale and slim Assange stated, "Of course it's difficult to wake up for 500 days and see the same walls but on the other hand I am doing good work and I have no time for anything else..."

"I have a very capable and loyal staff and we have a lot of supporters around the world and people who believe in what we do and want to see if it continues. (...) It would be pretty bad if when I finally get out of here I find it's actually better here than outside. At least in here there are no sudden raids by police, there is a rule of law and not an arbitrary breakdown as there is in many countries now," he added.

In relation to his day to day life in the London Ecuadoran embassy, the Wikileaks founder talked about the close relationship he has developed with staff at the mission, "We've gone through a lot together and we understand we are all in this together." He affirmed that despite the positive atmosphere, there are still police surrounding the embassy, which creates a difficult situation for embassy personnel.

In the same interview, the Wikileaks editor admitted his concern for the security of his family. "I have a family and that situation is difficult," he said. "My family has had to move and change their name and have been subject to threats from right wing blogs calling for my son, for example, to be killed to get at me. We take security precautions to deal with it and it is dealt with. I'm not scared about it."

As he explained during the interview, he lives in a small office room converted into living quarters, equipped with a bed, telephone, sun lamp, computer with internet connection, shower, treadmill and a small kitchenette.

The activist commented that he has received frequent visits from celebrities such as the musician Graham Nash, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, the actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and John Cusack, along with the rapper MIA. "It's interesting to go through this experience and see who walks the walk and who just talks the talk, he noted." (RT)

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