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The  honorable Bruce Golding just gave his speech to the nation explaining the reason behind his not revealing the truth. Mr. Golding had earlier at a retreat of the executive of the Jamaica labor party offered his resignation but was refused and asks to continue his role Of party leader and prime minister. Mr. Golding asks the nation to forgive him for his transgression so we can move on in implementing his election platform. He also discloses that he has sign off on the extradition of Christopher Coke to the United States of America. Mr. Golding is still not forth coming. He stood firm in his earlier pronouncements that the United States of America violated aspect of the treaty which is a legally binding document between two supposedly sovereign states. Is Mr. Golding now saying that he lied about that too? If he his admitting to that then Parliament should convene an emergency meeting giving the office of public prosecution full powers to investigate the whole matter and reveal to the nation the truth of what transpired. If Mr. Golding did lied about the United States action then parliament should expel him and every other parliamentarian that was part of that ignominious plot. This would be the beginning of a parliament representing our nation as one. What Mr. Golding did not disclose was that the state was functioning efficiently, the foreign banks in Jamaica during the so-called dudus crisis earned over three billion dollar each just in one quarter. He did not discuss the high cost of living and the high unemployment that is decimating our youth and the poor. He did not tell the nation that his hidden agenda is the total support of the private sector especially those who own the banks and hotels, remember they were the only entity that escaped his tax net after raking in over thirty billions dollars  last year. He did not tell the nation that the over a thousand people murdered last year was mostly black Jamaicans. He did not tell the nation that   the Broadcasting Commission will be restructured to limit the amount of Filth coming in though our airwaves parading as culture. He did not tell the nation that he Endorse the proposal of the independent judiciary enunciated by Supreme Court judge Marva McDonald-Bishop. He did not tell the nation that our economy lost over twenty billion dollars due to poverty, a study done by our senior lecturer Dr. Michael whiter. He did not tell the nation What the IMF money will be use for. He did not tell the nation that we owe SEVEN HUNDRED AND ONE BILLION DOLLARS to our private sector. He did not tell the nation that even with the jdx agreement we still owe them THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO billion dollars. He did not tell the nation we cannot afford to pay this debt and at the same time meet the IMF obligations. He is still lying.




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This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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