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The government and the opposition labor party did not take into consideration the impact of this agreement on the majority of our people who are already burden with this monstrous high cost of living. This agreement exposes the collusion between the Private Sector, the governing party, the opposition and the international monetary fund.
If precedence is any guide the last agreement saw only the high rate of profit made by the financial sector and the buying up of smaller business entities by big companies and the loss of over a hundred thousand jobs. The downsizing of our social sector will definitely continue as this agreement call for the elimination or merger of government entities and the freezing of wages. Our institution is already suffering from lack of funds thus the poor services offering to our people, it will only worsen. The workers are being ask not to ask for wage increases to keep up with the high cost of living but the same was not ask of companies to keep their profit margin at a minimum.
The impact of this agreement will see more mental cases, more murders, more layoff, more migration, more corruption, and more prostitution of our values and more foreign ownership of our properties. We need unity of our Patriots within both political parties to fight these elements who are bent and mortgaging our country's future at all cost.

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The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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