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The Jamaica Patriotic Movement wishes to congratulate the president on defeating the tea party represented by their salesman, Mitt Romney.Mr President the American people have given you a second chance to remain in the white house and complete the basic reform of a system that benefit greatly the rich at the expense of the poor, middle class and working people. We know you did try to work together with the republican but was repeatedly reminded of your color and your inferiority background. History has showed that progress comes through struggle, persistence and the belief that the cause is right.
We know you are the leader of the so called free world and are there to preserve the interest of the empire. You were pushed by the republican right and the conservative democrats to invade Libya, a sovereign African country under the pre-text of a United Nations mandated no-fly zone. They were the same ones that were trying to blame you for the death of the ambassador due to inaction on your part. These are lessons that should guide you. They will attempt to have you interfere in Syria and attack the state of Iran with the co-operation of the Zionist rulers in Israel.
Mr. President the world need peace not wars. The American people are suffering and need the funds that finance wars to rebuild the infrastructure of America. They need affordable health care, they need jobs, they need schools that are updated with drone like precision technology, they need violence free communities and they need to feel like "we are the world". If they try to obstruct your programs and refuse to sign on then you need to exercise executive powers and use it more often. They must not have you repeat the mistake that Colin Powell did in giving that speech at the United Nations on behalf of the Bush administration in invading Iraq under false pretense.
On behalf of my country, Jamaica, we would appreciate if you could reopen the case on our National Hero, the late Honorable Marcus Garvey.Your antagonists ancestors were the ones responsible for his fraudulent incarceration. Mr. President we need complete exoneration and our movement will not stop until this injustice is reverse. Also our country is in deep economic mess and would appreciate if the United States could use its majority vote within the International Monetary Fund to forgive our debts. We wish you a successful four years.

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The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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