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The audit states what the audit found..


The audit states what the audit found..

The audit states what the auditors found. Unfortunately there are some aspects of what they found that have not been mentioned or raised in the audit. Several other forensic audits and investigations may be admin and operational dilemma. For now, kindly look at the photographs included in the audit.  You ought to be aware that there have been several contracts over the years to refurbish the hospitals in the photographs. The photographs indicate that the internal finishing in these facilities are incorrect. This is one of the factors contributing to the recurring bacteria buildup in these facilities. If the internal areas shown in the photographs were finished in accordance with approved contract specifications then somebody(s) need their head(s) examined. I am sure you have at your disposal the ways and means to have an objective, unbiased professional review of the correct way to finish (in medical facilities) for example, where the wall meets the floor. While they are doing that, they should look at how the ceramic tiled corners of walls and columns were finished and handed over. Of note, is the recent announcement of the former Minister of Health of several contracts amounting to $243 million. It is hoped that the above will not be repeated on these contracts.

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This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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