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Since our political independence the political machinery dominated by the two main political parties was designed to cater to the rich and powerful in Jamaica. Given the actions of our revolutionary heroes our people were taught to worship anything that have a foreign scent. Our educational system was design to create a middle class that would hold its moral allegiance to the two empires, England and the United States. Our economic policies were design to satisfy the rich represented by the private sector organization of Jamaica and the multinationals of the United States Britain and Canada. The financial operations of such a model would have a tribal war every five years to determine who will continue borrowing money to grease the money making machinery of the private entities in Jamaica and its foreign partners. How does one keep a majority black population in check for so long?
One of their strategies is migration. Over the years thousands of Jamaicans to seek a better life are force to leave their country and their children's behind to find jobs so as to maintain their families. No research has ever been conducted on the psychological impact on the children left behind without their parents. Grinding poverty which force a lot of our youth to indulge in crime and other anti-social behavior. Then the so-called experts are wondering why our society is in a free fall. There is no economic plan to have our country be independent and sovereign, we are destine by the current policies to be importers and indebted. We hold the privilege of having our majority debt owed to the private sector in Jamaica but continue to misinform our people about negotiating the debt when in fact what happened were the extension of the debt and a reduction of the rate. The extension would recapture the reduction of the rate thus the applause of the private sector and the IMF.
The IMF agreement reach will only increase the suffering of our people, wages will be stagnant, price of basic foodstuff will sky rocket, and there will be an increase in crime, murder and massive layoffs.

The pied pipers will come to the fore with their tribal bickering as a distraction while their cohorts will be raking massive profits while our country majority black inhabitants try to escape this monstrous economic policy dictated by the IMF and the Private sector of Jamaica.

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The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life through the co-operation of our two political parties.

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