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Voting for the IMF/Private Sector


Voting for the IMF/Private Sector

Boyne, noted veteran JIS columnist is right in asserting that both Parties commitment to the IMF austerity program irrespective of who wins the election.
The only issue I have is with his title” Voting for the IMF”, it should have been Voting for the “IMF/Private Sector”. Credence should be given to his exposing of the Intellectual bankruptcy of the so call neo-liberal. The favorability of the IMF austerity program is coming only from the private sector and Civil Society, not from the middle class and workers. The IMF program as in his current configuration has never worked in any developing or third world country!!
The fact is that since the imposition of this draconian program by the PNP/Private Sector the rich is getting richer and the poor, poorer. The question should be, how do we reverse this trend? To answer this would require a brain that negates the full spectrum of liberal thoughts. The Private Sector is betraying the government, it has yet to rally all its potential to create jobs and come up with strategies to earn foreign exchange. They are comfortable with the government funding its profitability at all cost. The world is changing towards a government led growth strategy to uplift its people from abject poverty. It is ironical that the government is seeking assistance from china which is a declared socialist government and not learning from its success model. This discussion, the fact that it is taking place is a warning to the private sector and the powers that be the inevitability of the change to come. What should be done? The government should direct the direction of investment with a majority partnership in any Endeavour to protect the elector’s interest. That is the position of the Jamaica Patriotic Movement.

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