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Tuesday, February 20 2018 7:06am
The honorable Andrew Holness hosted one of Donald Trump Favourite's emissary in our country to show Uncle Sam that he will be a willing partner in carrying out the schemes and policies of Donald Trump. There was nothing historic about the meeting, Mr. Holness was carrying out outdated policies conducted by his mentor, Edward Seaga. Mr. Holness abstention at the United Nations which benefited ...


Friday, January 26 2018 8:17am
Since the governance of the People National Party under the leadership of the late Honorable, Michael Manley, our crime and murder rate have skyrocketed due to the removal of state entities as the focus of social empowerment of the majority black Jamaicans. Economic and social statistics are there to prove this fact but are hidden by mainstream and fake media to support this financial ...


Friday, January 26 2018 7:46am
Ramzy Baroud,believes King’s ‘Beyond Vietnam’ speech, in which he linked the poverty of blacks at home to US imperialist adventurism abroad, remains as relevant today as it was in 1967 ON JANUARY 15, millions in the US commemorated Martin Luther King’s Day. His famous “I Have a Dream” speech was referred to numerous times in media outlets as a reminder of the evil of racism, which is ...


Wednesday, January 24 2018 7:32am
The social decay and everyday killing and murders are affected only by the majority black Jamaicans. What the media in Jamaica are hiding is the deadly economic medicine that suppresses our people mind leading to a state of panic, fear, suicides, migration, hopelessness, and hate among themselves. Our country is on a path of pauperization of the majority by taxation!!! Let's look ...


Monday, January 22 2018 9:18am
The honorable Andrew Holness has declared a state of emergency in Mo-bay in response to the continuing spiraling murder rate. Since the granting of political independence from colonial Britain, our political leaders from both tribal parties have followed a liberal economic policy endorse and enforce by the IMF although our debt is 80% own by our native rich, the private sector. The social ...


Tuesday, January 16 2018 6:31am
Today, it is not uncommon to hear about conflict in the Middle East, especially when it comes to the war in Syria or Iraq, or when coverage includes North African or Asian nations Author: Elson Concepción january 15, 2018 16:01:53 Bombings in the Middle East. Photo: AFP The geographical region known as the Middle East, where 60% of the world’s oil reserves are concentrated, has been ...


Wednesday, January 03 2018 9:21am
On behalf of our peace loving people we condemn the abstention of our Government vote at the United Nation  on the status of Jerusalem. It is acknowledge that our people consistently abide by the edicts of the United Nation as it relate to the aspiration of nations seeking to free themselves from occupation, slavery, colonialism,neo-colonialism, war of aggression and world imperialism. ...

St Thomas is Jamaica, Jamaica is St thomas.

Friday, November 10 2017 12:28am
The first tremor was in 1865 when the son of our city and country, PAUL BOGLE led the Morant Bay rebellion against low wages, high taxes, and exploitation at the hands of the slave masters. During those times they introduce the apprenticeship system to allow the slave owners to gradually move to wage slavery, similarly to the contract system used under the present system. The morant bay rebellion ...

Our new prime minister, Honorable Andrew Holness.

Friday, March 04 2016 4:22am
Jamaica patriotic movement congratulates the Honorable Andrew Holness in assuming the confidence of our people to carry out his promises of prosperity for all. Our history have shown that real freedom comes when our people are involve in the decision making process of their destiny. In our period 1720-1739, Nanny, with exceptional revolutionary leadership kept the British from penetrating the ...

Andrew Holness 2 point plan...

Monday, February 15 2016 10:20pm
  The leader of the opposition, Andrew Holness reveal his 10point plan. On careful analysis it is really a 2point plan. The tax plans call for the non payment of taxes to those making 1.5million or less and the extension  of the mortgage terms to 50/60 yrs. The non payment of taxes act will cost the government 13billion in lost revenue according to the Phillip team. Peter Phillip is ...

Jamaica's failed economic policy

Monday, January 18 2016 7:28am
The current economic and political situation is getting worse daily. On the political front both parties are paralyze because of its consistent alignment with the private sector and the western economic mechanism spearheaded by the International Monetary Fund.  The country lacks a national leader that can carry our country into the twenty first century.  The old style politics where ...

Obama’s State of the Union: A framework for the nation’s future

Thursday, January 14 2016 6:34am
WASHINGTON - In his final State of the Union address, delivered here last night, President Obama echoed the goals of those seeking progressive change in America: "opportunity and security for our families; a rising standard of living and a sustainable, peaceful planet for our kids." He said "all that is within our reach," but only if we reject the politics of jingoism and racism. He did not cite ...

Warsaw pact is dead,why Nato still alive?

Saturday, December 05 2015 8:03am
Unlike state armies that exist to protect the integrity of the nation, NATO has no defined purpose other than to continuously engage in conflict. This explains the organization’s desire for conflict , when diplomacy is the best answer. Imagine a kitchen fully equipped with the latest cooking gadgets, stocked up with the freshest and best quality produce and staffed with the most highly trained ...

Revolutionary Venezuela advances social equality..

Wednesday, December 02 2015 2:23pm
        REVOLUTIONARY VENEZUELA ADVANCES SOCIAL EQUALITY – WHAT IS AT STAKE IN THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS? by Alison Bodine and Macarena CataldoNovember, 2015Reprinted from Fire This TimeIn December of 1998 the people of Venezuela changed the course of history in Venezuela with a gigantic victory for the people of Latin America and ...

Voting for the IMF/Private Sector

Monday, November 30 2015 7:15am
Boyne, noted veteran JIS columnist is right in asserting that both Parties commitment to the IMF austerity program irrespective of who wins the election. The only issue I have is with his title” Voting for the IMF”, it should have been Voting for the “IMF/Private Sector”. Credence should be given to his exposing of the Intellectual bankruptcy of the so call neo-liberal. The favorability ...

The US war on terror-monumental hypocrisy.

Thursday, November 26 2015 2:10am
American imperialism: seeking to control Syria, seeking regime change in Syria is part of a broader aim of controlling the Middle East, says Joseph Kishore, National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party.“Turkey has its particular interest in Syria and has a de facto alliance with ISIS. Turkey has been a central force in backing the anti-Assad forces in Syria, many of which, of course, ...

The audit states what the audit found..

Monday, November 09 2015 5:03am
The audit states what the auditors found. Unfortunately there are some aspects of what they found that have not been mentioned or raised in the audit. Several other forensic audits and investigations may be admin and operational dilemma. For now, kindly look at the photographs included in the audit.  You ought to be aware that there have been several contracts over the years to refurbish the ...

The Death of the 19 babies, who is responsible?

Monday, November 02 2015 7:20am
The public furor and persistent calls for the resignation of the Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, are reasonable in some respects and unreasonable in others. On the one hand if it is that the Minister is responsible for the administration, and management, of the Ministry of Health in totality, and the “buck stops with him” on all matters, then the call for his resignation is ...

US Special Forces deployed as "human shields" to salvage terror assets in Syria"

Sunday, November 01 2015 7:17am
eOp-Edge   Finian Cunningham (born 1963) has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, he is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in newspaper journalism. For over 20 years he ...

PNP and JLP ..........

Friday, October 23 2015 5:19am
The People National Party and the Jamaica Labor Party are competing for the title of the defender of the Private Sector/IMF driven austerity program. The ex Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, did mention that some politicians brains are termite infested but he forgot to include himself and others. Bruce Golding simplistic characterization of his partners in neocolonialism is far from the ...

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