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"I Do Not Trust the Policy of the United States"

Saturday, January 31 2015 8:21pm
'I Do Not Trust the Policy of the United States' By Fidel Castro. 29 January 15 idel Castro sent this message to the Federation of University Students on the occasion of an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of his admission to the University of Havana. In 2006, as a result of health issues which were incompatible with the time and effort required to fulfill my duties – which I myself ...

Dr.Trevor Monroe, a relic of the past.

Saturday, December 13 2014 8:33am
Dr.Trevor Monroe former leader of the now defunct political entity, Workers Party of Jamaica, that played an important episode during the revolutionary period when the majority of the world oppressed were demanding an end to world imperialism. This was the environment that existed. It was popular then to join the people march for better representation and distribution of wealth. Dr. Munroe must ...

Duvalier: Dead but not gone.

Tuesday, November 11 2014 6:05am
Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier, responsible for the death of thousands and the theft of millions, who moved openly in the society of Haitian elites protected by the government, died on Oct. 4 a free man. He reportedly suffered a heart attack at the home of an associate in a wealthy enclave above Port-au-Prince. Meanwhile former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who helped build the movement to ...

UK responsible for current insecurity in Libya.

Friday, November 07 2014 2:19pm
19:08 GMT, Nov 7, 2014 ​‘UK responsible for current insecurity in Libya’Get short URL Published time: November 06, 2014 14:59 Reuters / Esam Omran Al-Fetori 120 Tags Army, Conflict, Human rights, Libya, Military, Politics, UK, Violence Britain should be held accountable not just for the poor security in Cambridge but for the insecurity that it created within Libya and ...

Naom Chomsky calls US 'world's leading terrorist state'

Wednesday, November 05 2014 12:10am
U.S. linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky (Reuters/Jorge Dan) 23.9K2K1 Tags Arms, CIA, Central America, Clashes, Cuba, History, Human rights, Obama, Opposition, Security, Terrorism, UN, USA, Violence, War The United States is the “world's leading terrorist state,” based on its deadly, CIA-run operations in the likes of Nicaragua and Cuba, according to new op-ed by historian and social ...

British Public not interested in fighting America,s wars..

Sunday, November 02 2014 6:02am
British public not interested in fighting America's wars – former London mayor Livingstone Published time: November 01, 2014 16:42 Edited time: November 01, 2014 20:27 Get short URL Ken Livingstone (Reuters / Andrew Winning) Download video (84.58 MB) Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone believes that since as far back as the First World War, the United States, with Britain’s help, ...

Jamaica needs a revolutionay change.

Thursday, October 30 2014 7:42am
Jamaica needs a revolutionary change….. Jamaica needs a revolutionary change in its system of governance to reflect the will and wishes of the majority of our people. This can only be done with the amendment of our constitution. Our present legal structure is design to preserve the dominance of the private sector over the majority of our people. This political architecture craftily designed by ...

Dilma Rousseff reelected President of Brazil.

Monday, October 27 2014 10:34pm
Following a closely contested campaign, Dilma Rousseff was reelected in the second round of presidential elections on Sunday, October 27, garnering 51.54% of the votes, with 98.82% of the total counted.  Voters favored Rousseff’s proposal to further expand social programs, undertake political reform, and reinforce the fight against corruption. The election was marked by the ...

Ebola,not the real threat to jamaica

Saturday, October 25 2014 7:50am
Our Government and opposition in trying to cover up the real state of affairs are following the United States media sensationalism of Ebola’s threat to humanity. Within the last week of our country there were over ten murders of which five were on a single day. Unemployment, crime and violence, corruption and the toxic policies of the International Monetary Fund is the real threat to our ...

Chickungunya, IMF....

Saturday, October 11 2014 11:59pm
Jamaica is faced with a outbreak of chickunguya that caught the health minister off guard after reported lack of response and medicines to deal with the concern of the mostly impoverish patients.  This fluish like virus comes from the aedes aegypti and the aedes albo pictus mosquitoes. The symptoms range from fever, joint pain, rash and headache. The Minister, a Howard University trained ...

Selling the Syrian Airstrikes: The lies of the War Establishment

Saturday, September 27 2014 9:39pm
By William C. Lewis The U.S. war establishment is using the ISIS propaganda scare to police the world and continuously subject resistant nations to their global NATO imperial plans through massive aerial bombardment violence that is already murdering people not taking part in hostilities. It’s not just the ISIS group that is an instrument to launch further wars for empire, either. There are ...

Humanity owes a debt to Africa.

Monday, September 22 2014 3:10am
President Chan: Allow me firstly, to thank the Secretary-General, Dr. Nabarro, Dr. Chan and Mr. Niamah for the information they have imparted, I can assure you that it is extremely useful and necessary to us. President Chan: The seriousness of the situation created by the Ebola epidemic plaguing some West and Central African countries creates the need to confront it with energy and with the ...

Just Ideas will triumph,or disaster will triumph.

Monday, September 01 2014 8:04pm
Just ideas - or disaster - will triumph If today it is possible to prolong life, health and the productive time of persons, if it is perfectly possible to plan the development of the population in accordance with growing productivity, culture and development of human values, what are they waiting for to do so? Global society has known no peace in recent years, particularly since the European ...

Letter to the Prime Minister...

Friday, August 22 2014 7:15am
It is with great concern that this letter is penned to get your attention to the gravity of the monstrous impact of your government decision to agree with the dictates of the IMF/PSOJ structural adjustment program. The attainment of the highest post in government was widely received by our people and the world, a black woman becoming prime minister of a small but proud country with world class ...

The PNP should go back to....

Friday, August 15 2014 7:46am
The People National Party should go back to its original mandate of self reliance and the empowerment of the majority black poor Jamaicans. It is a crime to subject our people to this monstrous financial arrangement designed by the IMF to preserve an imperial gambling house to guarantee super profit to the rich and powerful. Since the liberalization of our Economy we saw the massive transfer of ...

Jamaican,s 52nd independence celebration,reflection...

Wednesday, August 06 2014 11:36pm
Jamaica, s 52nd Independence Celebration…….a reflection…. What a beautiful experience when the struggles of all our heroes known and unknown came into fruition when Our Flag replace the Colonial one. This whole episode has at that time of transferring of power the honorable Norman Manley playing his historical role in assisting in this historic event, this we celebrate with happiness. What ...

Palestine holocaust in Gaza..

Tuesday, August 05 2014 11:02pm
ARTICLE BY FIDEL    I again request that Granma not use the front page for these relatively brief lines about the genocide of Palestinians being committed. I am writing them rapidly, to state only that which requires deep reflection. I think that a new, repugnant form of fascism is emerging with notable strength, at this time in human history when more that seven billion inhabitants ...


Monday, August 04 2014 11:47pm
Eduardo Galeano * TO justify itself, state terrorism fabricates terrorists, sows hates and presents alibis. Indications are that the butchery in Gaza, which according to its perpetuators, is about eliminating terrorists, will create more. In more than three weeks of incessant bombing, Israel has killed more than 1,800 Palestinians, in large part civilians. Photo: AP. Since 1948, Palestinians ...

It is time to know a little more about realities...

Wednesday, July 23 2014 11:31pm
In respect to one of our great thinkers and humanist we the Jamaica Partriotic Movement is sharing this analysis by Commandante Fidel Castro ... I have asked the editors of Granma to relieve me of the honor of publishing what I write on the front page of the official organ of our Party, since I am thinking of expressing personal points of view on issues which, for obvious reasons of health and ...


Monday, July 21 2014 8:11am
On behalf of the peace loving people of Jamaica and in memory of our National Hero the Rt Honorable Marcus Garvey, the Jamaica Patriotic Movement condemn the killing of innocent civilian by the Military machine of the State of Israel. The occupation of Palestine must end. The United States must end its bias approach and demand Israel conform to the two state solution agreed to by the ...

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