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US Accused of Running Floating Prisons

Wednesday, September 23 2009 8:46am
LONDON, June 2.— Although Washington denies it, a British non-governmental organization accused the US on Monday of having at least 17 boats operating as "floating prisons" for supposed Islamic militants, as part of its "war on terrorism," reported AFP.The Reprieve organization stated that the boats are used to interrogate suspects "under torturous conditions before being rendered to other, ...

New Hopes in Latin America

Wednesday, September 23 2009 8:46am
LETICIA MARTINEZ HERNANDEZTTeaching reading and writing and basic math to millions of people from different nations of the Americas has gone from a utopian dream to a reality. The experiences in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela were shared Tuesday at the Ibero-American Congress of Literacy and Basic Education for Youth and Adults taking place in Havana.THE DELEGATES SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCES ON ...


Wednesday, September 23 2009 8:45am
Obama has emerge as the best candidate of the democratic party to challenge and reverse the eight years of republican rule which has brought  the world in a state of uncertainty, fear, pre-emptive wars and the worst economic crisis of the twentieth century. Obama message of reconciliation, hope and dialogue in the international arena is a welcome relief. He has promise to end the illegal ...


Wednesday, September 23 2009 8:45am
The Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Christopher Tufton, should stop playing politics with the life of the Jamaican people by continuing the fail policy of the previous administration. Liberalization will not benefit the Jamaican people, especially in these turbulent economic times. The Jamaican government should protect our agricultural sector by restricting the importation of foreign goods into the ...

Anti Apartheid Activist Helen Suzman Dies

Wednesday, September 23 2009 8:44am
CAPE TOWN, South Africa – South African anti-apartheid activist Helen Suzman, who won international acclaim as one of the few white lawmakers to fight against the injustices of racist rule, died Thursday. She was 91.Suzman, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, fought a long and lonely battle in the South African parliament against government repression of the country's black ...

Historical Significance

Friday, September 04 2009 11:35pm
This will be a continuing fact page on important events in Black history. This will include facts on blacks in North America, The Caribbean, North and South America and the Motherland (Africa).June 16, 1976 was the start of the Soweto Student Uprising for better Education in South Africa.June 19, 1865 is known as JuneTeenth, the oldest known celebration commemmorating the ending of slavery in the ...

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Friday, September 04 2009 11:27pm
(1887 - 1940) Garvey was a Jamaican-born black nationalist who created a 'Back to Africa' movement in the United States. He became an inspirational figure for later civil rights activists.Marcus Garvey was born in St Ann's Bay, Jamaica on 17 August 1887, the youngest of 11 children. He inherited a keen interest in books from his father, a mason and made full use of the extensive family library. ...

Herb Fitzgerald Sewell

Friday, September 04 2009 11:23pm
Place Of Birth: Spanish Town, JamaicaDOB: 1949. Herb Fitzgerald Sewell was born in Spanish Town in 1949. He migrated to England in the early 1950’s with his parents.Sewell attended the University of Birmingham in 1968 graduating with BDS, MSc, PhD with honours and numerous prizes over a nine year period. He qualified in Medicine (MB ChB) from the University of Leicester in 1983.Professor Sewell ...

Reflection By Fidel

Thursday, August 20 2009 10:15am
Yesterday the German cable service DPA revealed that the ICHR of the OAS approved a report pointing out that Cuba “continued to transgress” on fundamental rights by keeping “restrictions” on the population’s political and civil rights, while at the same time continuing to be the “only” country in the region where there is absolutely no freedom of expression.Is there really an ICHR ...

UN Surprised by US and European Withdrawal

Thursday, August 20 2009 10:11am
Durban United Nations, April 19 (FL).- The UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi  Pillay, expressed surprise and disillusion today at the decision of the United States, as well as some other European countries to withdraw from the conference  to revise the agreements of the Summit against Racism.The meeting will begin tomorrow in Geneva, after the agreement on Friday by all the parties-including ...

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