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A Summit As Unreal As The "Democracy" It Defends

The virtual summit held at the behest of the United States government on December 9 and 10, with pre-recorded speeches by the guests and a completely manipulated agenda, was an exercise in demagoguery, with no benefit to the international community and without any proposal to solve the world's most pressing problems that we share.

As a political device, it only served to show the growing isolation, alienation, and loss of influence of the world's most powerful nation. From a practical point of view, the only apparent result is the commitment to allocate 400 million dollars to the political subversion of sovereign states in flagrant violation of international law.

A few hours have passed since the end of this event and few are now able to explain or remember what happened there.
The US government missed the opportunity to convene an inclusive meeting, which would have promoted cooperation and the search for solutions to all the problems that have the most urgent and serious impact on the lives of the majority of the world's population.
He does not have the will to join forces to face hunger, malnutrition, poverty and growing inequalities, insalubrity, migration problems, drug trafficking, organized crime and cross-border, the arms race or climate change. He didn't even conceive of the idea of ​​bringing world leaders together to discuss and articulate a concerted response to the COVID-19 pandemic and other communicable diseases. Indeed, the United States cannot provide solutions as long as its policies are an essential part of such serious problems.

With great demagoguery, they called for this unreal meeting under the theme of "democracy", assumed as the defense of capitalism and applicable only to governments that do not challenge the hegemonic authority of the United States. Such a fabrication clearly underscores the real purpose of division and the value of distracting the world's attention from the serious issues facing US society and the political system today.
A country where money trumps the popular will of citizens, where the free sale and irresponsible use of lethal weapons, intervention, and interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states are promoted, where racism is systemic and war constitutes the most lucrative activity, has nothing to teach the international community.

As Cuba has warned, the US government is waging a dangerous campaign, aimed at creating an international schism, dividing the world, and punishing countries that defend progressive projects or do not accept models imposed by the United States.

To claim to impose a single and acceptable recipe for a political system on all countries is, in itself, deeply undemocratic. This is contrary to the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, signed in Havana by all the countries of our region, which establishes the commitment to fully respect the inalienable right of each State to choose. its political, economic, social, and cultural system, as an essential condition for ensuring peaceful coexistence between nations.

It is this distorted vision that leads them to act outside the United Nations, where they suffer from growing isolation due to their repeated challenges to the principles of civilized coexistence, respect for multilateralism and the self-determination of peoples and sovereign equality between their Member States, concepts which are today unacceptable to American leaders.

More than 80 countries, including Cuba, were not invited, and this is not surprising, as we are a nation that for nearly 63 years has successfully rejected the United States' claim to subdue it and who effectively defended his inalienable right to self-determination. At a summit aimed at promoting capitalism and the central and dominant role of the United States in its promotion, one cannot expect the presence of socialist Cuba.

The international community can always count on our participation in cooperation to find a solution to the serious problems of the world, with the constructive, active, and united contribution of Cubans for the search for consensus, to unite wills, to enrich and benefit from diversity. and focus on what unites us instead of what separates us. Our international journey of the past 60 years supports this assertion.
The world demands peace, development, justice, solidarity, cooperation, and mutual trust. No profit is made from division, selectivity, and unilateral impositions.

By; Ministry of External Relations/ informacion@granma.cu


Carlos Daley holds an executive certificate in Strategic management and business evaluation from Harvard University and a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Maryland.


November 8th 2022

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