This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life. We are open to building alliances to empower the black majority.

Objectives of this movement (principle guiding the movement)

UNEMPLOYMENT: Government must be major employer/partnership with private enterprise. Emphasis should be on agriculture, housing development, tourism, music, community base enterprise computer/electronic training, the arts, day care centers, community clinics, and leadership training and strengthening of our manufacturing sector.

TRIBALISM: There must be a paradigm shift from past efforts. Conference must be held that include the leaders from all garrisons irrespective of political affiliation. This Forum must involve representative from all private and social groups, key security officials and victims of violence. This must be televised so all can witness.

PRIVATIZATION: We should campaign for the re-nationalization of our key economic sectors with the government having a majority share. The privatization campaign carried out by the Patterson administration and now champion by the Golding government has caused widespread suffering among the majority of Jamaicans. Statistic will show that selling our national assets have only increase unemployment, crime, suicide, mass migration, alienation, corruption, devaluation of our currency, prostitution, cultural degradation and gradual erosion of our sovereignty.

HEALTH CARE: Government should centralize our health care system with Kingston as the main hub. There should be a primary care center in every Parish along with Secondary facilities in every locale applying the latest technology to date.

EDUCATION: There must be free and compulsory education for all. The university system should be restructured to have outreach facilities in every community so resident can access to after work education .There must be mandatory teaching of all our national heroes beginning at the day care and up to university level. Our technical schools must be prepared with the latest in computerize equipments to prepare our students for the volcanic effect of globalization.

HOUSING: There must be a drive to provide affordable housing for all Jamaicans using the national housing trust as the engine of this endeavor inclusive of our own natural resources.

POLITICAL: expansion of our democratic process by having part of the eligibility process for member of parliament …they must reside within the community plus to have a right of recall giving the power to the electoral commission to set the date and conduct elections. The electoral commission should be give the power through parliamentary approval and also to have its own security apparatus to carry out its duty.

SECURITY ISSUES: Upgrading and training of our security agencies with the latest technology to detect, thwart and eliminate threat to national security ex. drug and gun trafficking. Our security leaders must be chosen from within. We are totally opposed to foreign appointees. Our security personnel must be chosen from within.     

FOREIGN POLICY: We should join the nonaligned movement and support the call for the inclusion of developing nations to the Security Council and the participation of the general assembly in world security matters before it is voted on. We should support the call for world peace, disarmament and the eradication of poverty.