All Island Conference Of Patriots

Saturday August 20, 2023

Jamaica Conference Centre

12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica . 12noon - 9:00PM.

The Way Forward For Our Country

Ratification of Jamaica Patriotic Movement Manifesto.


Platform Of Our Movement

  • Removal of the "queen" and all attending symbols of colonialism from the constitution. Adopt a republican form of governement with elected executive president for 5yr term with set election date
  • Renegotiation of all foreign and local debts
  • All foreign currencies and receipts must be controlled by our government
  • Affordable shelter for all of our citizens
  • A affordable healthcare for all / major Health Centres in every parish
  • Agriculture and Mining must be main driver of our econony, not Tourism
  • Self-sufficiency in food production,with reduced reliance on imported food.
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Maximum work must be 40 hours,work over 40 hours must be paid time and a half.( double time for national holidays)
  • Free University education for all youths who pass the require number of subjects 
  • Elimination of poverty
  • True creative employment, youth employment act
  • Elimination of tribalism through the creation of community councils .
  • Persons contesting election must not be involve with no business entity, all assets must be disclose to the public, they must reside in the community they represent.
  • The Electoral Office Of Jamaica must conduct our elections with no interferance from political forces, they must have their security apparatus to conduct election. Head of Electoral commission must be independent, the head of the commission must be agreed upon by the Board that govern it.  

We welcome all additional ideas and suggestion which potentially will help this movement realize its purpose. Please use the for to submit.

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