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All Maroons Must Unite As One, The Historical Mistake Must Not Be Repeated

The cockpit region is in the news again with the Gleaner playing its divisive rols as they did during the Garvey period and our socio-political development. A national newspaper and our Prime minister must be the first line of defence of our historical and national treasure.

The maroon community is a spot of hope on our landscape, they lack the murders and mayhem that engulf other communities, the Prime Minister must exert all his energy to solve those problems, not trying to strong arm our local leaders into selling our national heritage! We must as a nation rally behind the Chief of cockpit country, Richard Currie in its defense of his community rights!

Carlos Daley holds an executive certificate in Strategic management and business evaluation from Harvard University and a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Maryland.


November 8th 2022

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The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life.


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