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Let us be alarmed by the bourgeois ideological contamination that intoxicates, with impunity, the material and intellectual life of the planet. Let us be scandalized by the conceptual pollution that degrades life and reduces everything to merchandise. Stinks of capitalism to take over raw materials, labor, and consciences. The world is becoming unbreathable due to the uncontrolled emission of intellectual trinkets with which it is intended to weaken every emancipatory social organization, every rebel force, and every intelligence insurrection against the bourgeois philosophical garbage dumps.

Nothing is more toxic than imposing individualism as a meritocratic path to elite comfort and success. Nothing more suffocating than the mercantile logic smeared with solipsistic empiricisms and escapisms; nothing more polluting than greed, war morals, bank veracity, and media anesthesia. Everything stirred in the postmodern blender with neoliberal stench and self-indulgent verbiage preached with a pontifical tone. Nauseating.

The dominant ideology loves to see its sophistical stenches float around the world, shamelessly and with impunity. They strive to spread class dogmas to the four winds until all atmosphere is rarefied, surrounding it with market charlatanry for all audiences. The same spread mystical trifles as doctoral theses emanating from creationist, denialist, or conspiratorial sewers. The same they chatter with their mercenary halitosis that they indulge themselves with theoretical flatulence. They are toxic stenches emanating from the decomposition of capitalism.

Their plan is to impose their garbage dumps on us as earthly paradises. They aspire to distort any democratized notion of the economy, of politics, and of emancipatory intelligence, so that we remain content, resigned, and meek. That we do not think about organizing ourselves and, if we do, we die of fear for fear of the oligarchic anger and its reprisals. May we accept that we are less in intelligence, strength, and spirit. May we accept their superiority because they have always been right to treat us as they treat us and may we find happiness in the crumbs they throw at us.

This is how the intellectual environment intoxicated by the media, the reformist demagogies that have infected us with emitters of dung disguised as information, opinion, sports reports, or contest morals have become unbearable ... to the point of nausea. The right floods the world with its eidetic manure to make life unbearable with critical thinking, transforming action, and revolutionary will. They have spread the toxic effluvia of their anti-values ​​until they impose on us insufferable rights that make life a dunghill.

Nothing new, by the way. Towns have historically been left to live, the worst places, the worst food, the worst clothes, and the worst violence ... the dirt, the wastelands, and the enervated misery in the crowds, on the walls, on the pillows, on tables, and in latrines. For the peoples, helplessness and indifference, death, rottenness, and plague. It is a long, very long story, of scoundrels unloaded against the subordinate classes, as if they were inherited from destiny as if the misery were genetic as if it were a punishment that can only be borne with obedience and meekness.

They expel into the terrestrial atmosphere their "intellectual" droppings and their wise debris turned into slogans, into propaganda ... encyclopedias of bourgeois taste, decorative arts of the ego and reverential dogmas of private property, violent instincts against social protests, and the stigmatizing condemnation of thought and organizations fed up with intellectual pollution. This ideological debris create remotely controlled clouds that are intoxicating, even because they are targeted at sectors of the population, and by age, meticulously discriminated against.

Those rights are created and infiltrate, from the earliest childhood. They move like an underground gas that is gaining deep and extensive areas. They take control of emotional spaces and behavioral platforms from where they assault, on a daily basis, with preferences, inclinations, and sympathies towards everything that implies our own slavery. At the most unexpected moment, they tip the balance of decisions, pleasures, admiration, and predilections, in favor of the interests of the ruling class. And frequently, the oppressed are seen in solidarity with the logic and conduct of the oppressors. That is a danger for humanity, inasmuch as it implies endangering their own destiny in an objectively and subjectively beset world. It is, in its starkest form, symbolic manipulation.

With the rights, the opium of the people is updated and expanded. It is, at the same time, the expression of real misery and the protest against it, it is the sob of the oppressed creature, it is the real meaning of the heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless age. This time, too, it has become a profitable business and a safeguard system to defeat any desire for community, popular and sovereign organization, before it even expresses itself. Without firing a single bullet, but with the oppressive ideological shrapnel rattling, day and night, against our lives. Until we suffocate, Intellectual ecosystems must be revolutionized.

By; Fernando Buen Abad, granma.com, 09/26/2021




Carlos Daley holds an executive certificate in Strategic management and business evaluation from Harvard University and a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Maryland.


November 8th 2022

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The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life.


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