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What will the world be like after the pandemic? Every kind of imaginative audacity travels around the world and returns. Some claim to "return to normal". Others cherish the illusion that "the virus is dead, the rage is over" of capitalism. Some paint their ecclesiastical tones in a more ecologically sound way, and, of course, there is no lack of preachers who understand the spell of evil thanks to extraterrestrial measures, while attending to the sum of the "tithes".

But there are also think tanks, intellectual advisors, academics, or "gurus" for every occasion. They are already unfolding the arts of opportunism and the complete menu of reformism, to install the devices of false consciousness converted into «common sense», updated with statistics and infographics. For them, it is urgent to entertain us with the illusion of a human and progressive "new capitalism", redeemed from its horrors because of the pandemic.

A crazy race started to "guess" the future. The alarms of the dominant ideological control panel have been lit because they are seeing how the ambushes that capitalism has placed on human beings are overturned. They are alarmed and have already released their packs of dogs to kidnap the future (again) and impregnate it again with more of it. For the oppressors, it is equally important to infect the future with their "new" - old - values, than to find the vaccine against Covid-19. Both are big business for them.

They are trying to make up the dominant economic system, their rooms of labor torture, their refinements of bank usury, their stripping and privatization strategies, in education, health, housing, culture ... they are trying to make up the monstrosities of the capitalist war industry, their financial and media representatives ... plus all the channels thoughtfully designed to humiliate humanity with hunger and poverty, for centuries; major ideological surgery presented as a minor facelift.

They are preparing an arsenal of palliative care, painkillers, and entertainment designed to numb the rebellion, to dilute the public's dismay caused by the pandemic, and to convince us that nothing can be changed, that "this is how it is" and that we must resign ourselves. that some crumb will fall from the table of "renewed" capitalism.

The intellectual boys who serve such scoundrel are working hard. Many pages are already reserved in the "main" newspapers and many hours on radio-TV of the multinational monopoly circus. And on "social networks", of course.

Among the promoters of the embellishment of capitalism are the same ancient ideologues who contributed to the horrendous disaster that humanity is suffering. They are the same surnames, the same universities, the same financial-rapacious schools ... nothing new in this "renewal" that they try to impose on us to answer: what is the future of humanity after the pandemic? In other words; they answer more of the same, with some makeovers. No loss of profit, of course.

In the very guts of capitalism is the force that will destroy it. There is no need to look for that strength elsewhere. It is the force that will end and bury capitalism, to create a new society. "The bourgeoisie produces, first of all, its own gravediggers," said Karl Marx. It doesn't take much science to see it in full action, daily. It has been destroyed by the capital-labor contradiction, carried to its highest tension, which is a revolution in progress, although they are spending a lot to hide it. From this antagonism, the tension that will elucidate, with the greatest amplitude, the historical role, and the objectives of the class struggle of the proletariat is released. Capitalism not only creates and recreates crises, he invents illusions to announce that he will achieve “the recovery” of the world economy and will renew his scenarios with long-term reformist stratagems. It will inoculate "new" reforms and major mistakes to keep capitalism above human beings.

An internationalist Philosophy movement is also necessary for the transformation of reality. The problems that the accumulation of capital imposes on humanity will not be solved, only with fiscal reforms, nor only with reforms in the state apparatus kneeling before the oligarchies. They will not be solved only with more hospitals, nor with more schools, nor with more of the same. It is necessary to completely reform the contents of each institution, although it is adorned with sweet language for the taste of certain platforms.

The mode of production and production relations, land tenure, mining "concessions", the sovereignty of territorial seas, and, in general, the right of peoples to enjoy natural wealth and the product must be deeply questioned. of the work that is printed and that comes from them. It is necessary to discuss the whole bourgeois democracy. Its history, its definitions, its laws, and its thousands of ideological and legal ambushes. It is necessary to philosophize in favor of the humanist revolution seriously.

It is time, too, to decolonize Philosophy. Fight the struggle in the bowels of the mafias that kidnapped it to hide the class struggle and decorate the capital. It is necessary to question education in its entirety and its easements in the knowledge market. It is necessary to question the health model and its principles, in order to emancipate it from mercantile logic and messianic individualism. It is necessary to question, “until it hurts”, the entire structure of “values” and “common sense” inoculated by the “media” network, hijacked to submit to the “Stockholm syndrome”, which forces us to accept, as if they were ours, the values ​​of the oppressive class. We must fully address the apparatus of justice, the apparatus of sanctions ... capitalism in its entirety, including us all. It is necessary to question, too, our leadership crisis of the revolutionary left and resolve it, to end capital. What will the world be like after the pandemic? The same, but with the danger that the future will be hijacked again ... the same, but only getting worse if we don't organize ourselves to transform it. "There is danger in the delay," Eloy Alfaro would say.

Taken from Granma newspaper/ Cuba.

Carlos Daley holds an executive certificate in Strategic management and business evaluation from Harvard University and a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Maryland.


November 8th 2022

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