A careful study of our history reveals that Corporate Jamaica's actions were never intended to benefit the majority-black of our country!! The advent of Garvey exposed the ingrained hatred of our workers by the corporate entities when they in collusion with western interests and the manipulation of our people's minds against Garvey resulted in his departure from Jamaica. The collusion of both parties the PNP and the JLP was evident in this colonial adventure. The ugliness of their act reared its head when the Late Michael Manley violated the code of the Drumblair group and step out of bounds by showing sympathy to the oppressed black majority and call for inclusion and empowerment, the PNP was finally coming to grasp the reality of its mission while the JLP lurch right by coming out against this nationalistic and sovereign adventure. 

Our present state of affair is the result of years of retrenchment and control by corporate Jamaica that mirror its cultural taste and profit-making having total control over our political and economic life!!! Our country is on a downward spiral with no real solution in mind, their blinded acceptance of US control through the IMF guarantee the protection of their ill-gotten and continued wealth accumulation, Holness is their savior and protector in Trump's armor!!!  Corporate Jamaica is now in control of our 1) Sports 2) Music,3) Economy,4) Politics, 5) Media,6) Real Estate) 7) Hotels 8) Insurance and Governance. 

We owe them over 1.2 Trillion dollars, they tell our government to stick to the IMF because the money gained is used to pay them over 280 billion dollars yearly thus the excessive taxation on our people, they get preferential tax treatment, they rape our country of its wealth then store it abroad, their children are then educated abroad to return and continue their dominance!! They stay in the background and live in a multimillion-dollar mansion and protected by their ally's private security firms. The social and moral decay is due to their control of our media, both electronic and print, pummeling our youth's brains with western decadence values. Their massive wealth accumulation is due to their non-conformity with world trade union rights, they pay very low wages thus the impoverishment of our people. Crime, violence, and murders is the resultant residue. They ensure no radical figure gains prominence by using the Gleaner and Observer to ensure their non-existence to the public, the formation of this independent outlet and movement is the answer to this muzzling of alternate views. Our people must be prepared to take charge of their communities and have only residents that live among them represent them in parliament, this is the path to real democracy.

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