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Dilma Rousseff reelected President of Brazil.

Following a closely contested campaign, Dilma Rousseff was reelected in the second round of presidential elections on Sunday, October 27, garnering 51.54% of the votes, with 98.82% of the total counted. 

Voters favored Rousseff’s proposal to further expand social programs, undertake political reform, and reinforce the fight against corruption.

The election was marked by the confrontation of two opposing programs - that of Rousseff’s Workers’ Party focused on social development, and that of the Social Democracy, based on neoliberal policies which, in the past, plunged the country into economic stagnation, unemployment, and low salaries.

During Rousseff’s term of office, 36 million Brazilians were lifted from extreme poverty, while during her new presidential period, she has stated improvement of education at all levels will be prioritized. (ACN)

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