We are advocating for a 21st-century education system that reflects the changing technological advancement and global education. The British system was and is still geared towards elitism - the education of a select few and the majority with substandard education, to satisfy the low wage pool.  It has created an unfair division within our country and not focused on putting children first. The social injustice and inequitable funding, especially impacting the rural schools, has only increasingly disadvantaged children. Our people are our most valuable resource and investing in their education, is in an investment in the country’s future.

To equip our people a quality education to be able to compete globally, we will ensure:

  • Massive investment in upgrading and building of modern learning centers equipped with the latest computer technology.
  • Computer centers will be set up in each community to allow our youth to become familiar with the tools needed to survive in this dynamic and competitive world.
  • Agricultural and Technology are prioritized.
  • All primary and elementary schools have a computer center, which must be utilized in teaching students, information technology.
  • All primary schools have a health care center with a primary nurse station, fully equipped to treat minor emergencies.
  • All primary and elementary schools have sports areas for recreation. All grounds must be grassed or paved to reduce the impact of health risks to our children.
  • All primary and elementary schools have an updated canteen that provides fresh, locally produced food as part of their nutrition regimen. All non-nutritious items will be restricted. The health of our school children will be paramount.
  • All primary and elementary schools and education center curriculum, include mandatory Math, English, a foreign language, and the history of our national heroes and heroines and their role in our independence.
  • In our secondary and technical schools, emphasis will be placed on student’s course preference and targeted mastery of the content taught.
  • All students who pass the required subjects will be eligible to attend a tertiary institution of his or her choice, free of cost.
  • All heroes and heroine’s life and teachings will be compulsory in school.
  • Teachers are certified, paid equitably, and afforded subsidized housing and healthcare.
  • All our teachers have affordable housing and health care, competitive salaries, and a secure environment to fulfill their duties and obligations to our children.
  • A maximum effort will be expended to ensure that all our citizens are able to read and write.
  • All schools have counselors to provide counseling to our most at-risk students and address mental health concerns.
  • All schools have inclusive education.
  • The elimination of the education gap that exists.
  • All students graduating from high school will be college and career ready.

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