Our country currently lacks a national foreign policy. Our current government’s foreign policy is aligning itself with the policies of the Trump Administration, which goes against the grain of the United Nation’s Charter of non-intervention in sovereign countries; promotion of dialogue to resolve potential conflict and the support of a two-state solution to the Palestinian issue. Our policy should be independent of the United States and should reflect our people’s history and desire to work on fulfilling the mandate of the United Nations as the representative of a collective view. As such, JPM will reject the racist and warmongering policies of the US and support the idea of having the Caribbean as a zone of peace. Our foreign policy needs to reflect the changing political and economic landscape unfolding on the world scene.

JPM will continue Jamaica’s strong relationship with the United States and the Western world on the basis of equality and respect for the sovereignty and independence of each country. Our trade relations with the new and emerging world powers will be widened to benefit our citizens and allow our business opportunities to expand.

Realizing that our foreign policy is also key to our economic development, JPM will:

  • Conform to the policies of the United Nations (UN) in its attempt to reduce poverty, eliminate nuclear weapons, protect our planet from climate change, move away from fossil fuel to renewable energy and to settle international conflicts peacefully.
  • Supports the two-state solution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the right for all countries to pursue their own paths of social development without outside interference.
  • Advocate for the UN General Assembly to assume the responsibility of deciding key international issues that affect mankind, and reversing the role of the Security Council. The Security Council must carry out the mandate of the General Assembly, and it must be governed by the power of the majority, not the minority.
  • Supports the Caribbean as a zone of peace, free from all forms of nuclear weapons. As part of the Caribbean Community, we will strive for the region to increase equitable trade, ease of travel, economic integration, and sustainable development.
  • We support the Bolivarian revolution in its drive for an equitable society. We concur with all other Caribbean nation position of non-interference in its affair and the right of its citizens to choose their model of economic development.
  • We will lobby for the expungement of the fabricated criminal records of the late Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey from the archives of the United  States of America. We will petition the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity to help in this effort, our people deserve no less.
  • We will broaden our trade relations and put a strong emphasis on expanding trade with Africa.
  • We will add our voice to the call for a new international economic world order to have a more equitable economic environment.
  • We will push for the sole responsibility of the United Nations to solve world problems.

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