Our healthcare system is in dire straits and in its own state of emergency. There needs to be rapid reform in order to meet the needs of our people. The government must take the lead to ensure that our citizens’ medical care remains a top priority. The JPM’s emphasis will be on preventative care, beginning at the community level. All our citizens must have access to health care at a minimal cost. All our citizens must be able to have access to affordable health care.

To improve the healthcare system, we will:

  • Ensure there is a Health Care Center in all communities. Much focus will be placed on early detection.
  • Ensure proactive doctors’ visits and preventative screening to detect diseases.
  • Ensure blood pressure checks, checks for glucose levels and key vitals will be available.
  • Make counseling services available to support those quitting smoking, for weight loss, depression, pregnancy, and to promote positive mental attitudes.
  • Enforce routine vaccinations to prevent contagious diseases including measles, chickenpox, the flu, and some types of pneumonia and dengue.
  • Ensure all health activities be executed in collaboration with existing community facilities. All community health challenges must be identified and acted upon.
  • Ensure key stakeholders such as nurses, nurse’s aides, and doctors work together. This team will collaborate on an ongoing basis to ensure efficiency and high accountability.
  • Ensure that the health staff is from the community it services. They must display a sense of community, discipline, and respect. All feedback from the community must be taken seriously and acted upon. There must be participation from churches, schools, and community organizations.
  • Invest in the restoration and modernization of public health facilities and updated medical technology.
  • Fund medical research on modern medicine.