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Author: Ernesto Estévez Rams | internet@granma.cu

October 13, 2020 9:10:04 

Darwin's theory of evolution is not a hypothesis, it is a theory in the scientific sense. It has passed all the observational checks that have been made. Explain correctly the way in which fossil remains appear, until the evolution, in much shorter times, of bacteria and viruses, observable in a laboratory. It is not true that the theory of evolution is one explanation among others equally valid: there is no other hypothesis that explains the variety of phenomena that evolution explains. Nor is it true that it takes millions of years to see evolution at work.

Scientists have observed and verified the theory of evolution not only in microorganisms in laboratories but also in more complex beings such as birds and lizards. A recent experiment from the University of Basel and reported in Nature managed to observe evolutionary adaptability in fish after a single generation. The point of view of the modern theory of evolution is not that we are, in the animal kingdom, superior beings but different beings. A human being is not more evolved than a gorilla, it has evolved differently. The evolutionary pyramid has been discarded. There are no beings superior to others in nature, but a variety of beings, all different from each other. So-called intelligent design is not a scientific theory, in fact, it is not science in any way. His proposals are not supported by any evidence and, on the contrary, have been irrevocably refuted on numerous occasions. Intelligent design does not make proposals in the scientific sense, nor does it predict observations to be made, it limits itself to attacking evolution for reasons that have nothing to do with science. When they have proposed that a living organ is too complex to be the result of evolution, they have precisely found the evolutionary trace of that organ.

If someone tells you that life is too complex to be the result of evolution, reply that evolution is simple enough to explain the complexity of life that we know. The theory of evolution is based on natural selection. Natural selection does not say that the strongest survive, but the one who is best able to adapt. Natural selection is not that, within the same species, some fight each other, and the one who won the battle survives. Natural selection explains the adaptability of individuals to the environment, not to their fellow man. When justified by inequalities in human society, based on Darwin's supposed law that the fittest survive, answer knowingly that they don't know what they're talking about. Human beings have proven over and over again throughout our history that the success of our adaptability has been based on acting collectively and in solidarity, not on stepping on each other.

The misnamed IQ does not measure intelligence, there is no universal test to measure intelligence because there is not just one type of intelligence. Intelligence is a social construction that depends on the objective and subjective circumstances that surround individuals and their personal training. IQ tests boil down to measuring a very specific subset of skills that may make sense in one context but be totally useless in another. A person trained in abstraction, say mathematics, is no smarter than someone trained in determining when to plant a particular crop or, as Dr. Eckhard Winderl put it, 'Certain Sub-Saharan Africans know hundreds of different types of clouds and clouds. quality of the wind, which lets them know if they will have water. Neither does brain mass determine people's intelligence. A big head is not smarter than a person with a smaller skull. When they tell you, look that you are stubborn, they are not flattering you.

Some racists argue that whites are more likely to digest lactose as adults than non-whites, a fact that they link to a genetic mutation among European livestock ancestors, which allowed them to have an advantage in their diet, which, in turn, gave them an evolutionary advantage that determined their racial superiority. These characters in the United States have raised a slogan that says: "If you cannot digest milk, you must go back where you came from." Sadly for their dangerous delusions, the same mutation took place among the cattle-raising ancestors of East Africa. Those there are black, very black, and they digest lactose in the same way. These cheap racists are proof that milk and intelligence have the same relationship as the eclipse of the sun and guava candy.

Another argument to support racism is that people of European descent have in their genetic code material from Neanderthals, something that does not happen with Africans. Unfortunately for his dangerous delusions, the possibility of massive genetic screening has shown that all the genetic diversity found in humans is around 0.1% of the human genome and has nothing to do with intelligence. In fact, there are no clear differences between people who would be classified as different races. Our biological differences occur by degrees and not by categories, a person with a white complexion may be genetically closer to a person with a black complexion than to another person of the same color. Racism has no basis in the results of molecular biology,

The problem with analyzing the DNA of ancestors in a family is that the comparisons are made with the current geographic distribution and, in the best of cases, can be traced back up to 500 years, an insignificant period of time on any evolutionary clock for the human species. Different parts of the human genome come from different eras. Our genome descends from a multitude of different ancestors that inhabited the Earth between 10,000 and 4 million years ago. Our ancestors left Africa between 60,000 and 100,000 years ago to populate the planet, calculations based on the genome place that original group of migrants at a minimum of around 2 250 individuals, in Africa there were around 10 000 individuals. The total number of ancestors to the modern human being is at least 12,000 individuals. On this planet, we are all immigrants except, perhaps, for the possibility of some small group of Africans who would be the only, theoretically, possible pure race. What an irony for those obsessed with Aryan purity or, for that matter, Caucasian, the only cigars are black.

Human beings are not the superior form of life that inhabits this planet, we are the conscious form of life that inhabits it. That does not make us better, what it does make us is responsible for not destroying our own habitat and so many other living beings that inhabit it. To preserve it, we have to start by stopping being predators of ourselves, something that capitalism, in its quest to maximize the selfishness of a few above all else, structurally prevents. Fighting for a better world is not an option, it is an imperative of subsistence, or as one titan said at the United Nations, it is "the indispensable premise of human survival."

Carlos Daley holds an executive certificate in Strategic management and business evaluation from Harvard University and a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Maryland.


November 8th 2022

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