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Saturday, October 20 2012 10:48pm
Nelson Mandela,South African patriot and consummate democrat,eloquent in not only explaining the disenchanting reality of apartheid but also working to change it,is a role model for Jamaicans concerned with realizing the goal of our motto:'Out of Many,One People'. Showing complete knowledge of such laws of social development as 'a people united ...


Saturday, October 20 2012 10:44pm
Heroes' Week, 11th October 2012 Brothers and sisters, it is a beautiful sight to see so many of you here this evening – glowing in a space that is devoted to our emancipation – even though I am aware that some of you are offended by the closeness of that artistic representation – or misrepresentation- of our freedom that does not have ...


Thursday, October 18 2012 10:12pm
Orfilio Peláez NANOTECHNOLOGY, the driving force behind what many researchers see as the most important industrial development of the last 200 years, was initially developed by different branches of the military industry within a small group of highly industrialized countries, led by the United States, which had the resources to invest and ...


Friday, October 12 2012 6:45am
Frei Betto THE Innocence of Muslims is the title of a U.S. film directed by one Sam Bacile, which defames the prophet Mohammad and offends all those who subscribe to this faith. Who is Sam Bacile? No one knows. The film’s director, perhaps fearing reprisals, has hidden in anonymity. It is suspected that Bacile and the producer, Nakoula ...


Tuesday, October 09 2012 9:39pm
Both Political parties since our independence with the exception of the period of the Michael Manley government, Jamaica has been expose to the constant deepening of our national debt. We are now owing over 1.7 Trillion dollars with seventy five percent owed to private Jamaican interests. The main stream media in Jamaica refuse to expose the ...


Saturday, June 16 2012 6:24am
Ignacio Ramonet BRAZIL is hosting, June 20-22, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, also called Río+20, given that it is being held 20 years after the first great Earth Summit of 1992. Attending are 80 heads of state and discussion will focus on two central issues: 1) a "green economy" in the context of sustainable ...


Friday, May 11 2012 8:25am
TAKEN FROM GRANMA/DALIA GONZALES DELGADO WHEN the presidents of Latin American countries first heard about Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008, they thought that perhaps U.S. policy toward the region might change. In 2009, just months after taking office, Obama tried to promote this hope at the 5th Summit of the Americas in Trinidad & Tobago. He ...

The need to enrich our knowledge

Saturday, March 31 2012 10:22pm
    (Taken from CubaDebate) FILMED scenes of the slaughter in Libya, which are beginning to be made known, prompt outrage over the total absence of humanism and the gross lies which served as the pretext to invade and seize that country’s natural resources. NATO military aircraft supported the monstrous crime with more than 25,000 ...

The roads lead to dissater

Monday, March 26 2012 8:46am
This  Reflection could be written today, tomorrow or any other day without any risk of being mistaken. Our species is confronting new problems. When I stated 20 years ago at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, that a species was in danger of extinction, I had fewer reasons than today to warn of a ...

Government should legislate People,s Power

Tuesday, March 13 2012 3:36am
      The newly elected government should immediately called parliament into session and legislate the most important pressing issues facing the country at this time,unemployment and the astronomical debt that we cannot pay.The high unemployment is the reason for the high crime rate, the increase in foreclosure,the ...

Syria:heralding a change in the international strategic situation?

Saturday, March 10 2012 7:11am
EVIDENTLY the Cold War ended in the final decade of the 20th century with the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the European socialist countries, but the U.S. plan of domination enshrined in the Project for the New American Century, drawn up by a group of neoconservative and Zionist strategists, remains in the minds of Washington ...


Friday, March 09 2012 9:37am
  Is this the re-emergence of the British Empire? Fresh from their coordinated mission in Libya, they used the cover of the no-fly zone approved by the United Nations and remove the sovereign leader and founder of the Organization of African unity. Prince William is leading a contingent of military unit to the Falkland Island, an island claim ...

UNICEF:Millions of Kids Live in Urban Squalor

Tuesday, February 28 2012 11:45pm
  Millions of children are growing up in squalid urban areas and denied basic services despite living close to them, the United Nations Children's Fund said Tuesday. UNICEF said children living in slums and shantytowns often lack water, electricity and health care and it urged policy makers to ensure urban planning meets the needs of ...

Russians Revive Ice Age Flower From Frozen Burrow

Tuesday, February 21 2012 10:19pm
MOSCOW (AP) — It was an Ice Age squirrel's treasure chamber, a burrow containing fruit and seeds that had been stuck in the Siberian permafrost for over 30,000 years. From the fruit tissues, a team of Russian scientists managed to resurrect an entire plant in a pioneering experiment that paves the way for the revival of other species. The ...

The World has shrunk...

Tuesday, February 21 2012 7:20am
        The mainstream media using words to mislead the real world of their blatant violation of the sovereignty of countries. According to the united nations there are one hundred and ninety two member states but when CNN reports of the world united against Iran,Libya,Iraq andAfghanistan it really means the combination of ...

Jamaica's parliament... forum for deceit

Saturday, February 18 2012 9:19am
 Since the political independence from the British throne our legislative process has been conducted by the two major political parties in Jamaica. Both parties having their original guidance and leadership emanating from establish political families and tied to the powerful networks of financial interest have prevented the establishment of a ...

Evo Morales accuses NGO,s of spying for the UNITED STATES

Friday, February 17 2012 6:20am
  BOLIVIA.— Bolivian President Evo Morales has stated that certain non-governmental organizations are acting as a fifth column for the United States by passing on information about Latin America labor and social leaders in exchange for project funding. "I am convinced that certain NGO’s are spying for the United States, not just in ...


Sunday, February 12 2012 2:28pm
  A very humorous and revealing story is told about a group of white people who were fed up with African Americans, so they joined together and wished themselves away. They passed through a deep dark tunnel and emerged in sort of a twilight zone where there is an America without black people.  ...

Jamaica,s Debt Problem...Solution

Sunday, February 12 2012 12:53am
  The recent general election saw the Jamaica labor Party suffered a massive defeat at the polls giving the opposition a landslide victory. The young and inexperience Andrew Holness in his pursuit of satisfying the interest of the international monetary fund and the private sector infuriated the working class when he made statement about ...

UN demands end to israel demolitions in West Bank

Sunday, January 29 2012 7:22am
The United Nations has called on Israel to immediately halt the destruction of Palestinian homes in the West Bank after reporting a dramatic rise in demolitions in the past year. Israeli forces destroyed 622 Palestinian homes in the West Bank in 2011, "forcibly displacing" almost 1,100 people, over half of them children, according to a UN ...

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