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Andrew Holness 2 point plan...


Andrew Holness 2 point plan...


The leader of the opposition, Andrew Holness reveal his 10point plan. On careful analysis it is really a 2point plan.

The tax plans call for the non payment of taxes to those making 1.5million or less and the extension  of the mortgage terms to 50/60 yrs. The non payment of taxes act will cost the government 13billion in lost revenue according to the Phillip team. Peter Phillip is angry because it would derail the IMF structural adjustment program, a program he already signed on, he also got an award for his exemplary steadfastness on doing everything the business community wants. Holness is using the Ex Prime Minster strategy, Bruce Golding, of offering a sweetener to the working class to occupy Jamaica House. His strategy to create growth could not take place within the IMF strictures, they want the government to  handle taxation and security only, the PNP is already doing that. The latest IMF report suggested a growing of the tax base and an elimination of the transfer and stamp duty as it relate to real property. Nothing in their documents state the elimination of employment taxes!!

Is it that Mr. Holness will be gearing up for a fight with the IMF?  Golding tried a similar tactic in going against the US and brought an abrupt end to his credibility. The PNP is doing the other eight points that Mr. Holness has laid out, hence the support of the local and international markets. The close margin projected is a reflection of the distrust of Mr. Holness and the willing of the people to stick to the original and not a copy of it. Only a radical departure from the establishment economic and social policies can Mr. Holness gained the respect and support of our people.

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