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St Thomas is Jamaica, Jamaica is St thomas.

The first tremor was in 1865 when the son of our city and country, PAUL BOGLE led the Morant Bay rebellion against low wages, high taxes, and exploitation at the hands of the slave masters. During those times they introduce the apprenticeship system to allow the slave owners to gradually move to wage slavery, similarly to the contract system used under the present system. The morant bay rebellion ended with over 500 blacks killed included Paul Bogle and Gorden.What the sons and daughters of Paul Bogle are fighting for is more than road repairs, it includes high unemployment, high taxes, underdevelopment, crime, inadequate representation, corruption and the main factor in their demise, the IMF/ Private sector economic policies!!! The colonial parliamentary system was designed to abort our people march to freedom!!! Paul Bogle movement was anti-tribal,anti-British, and pro-Jamaican, one nation under God!!

The tribalists in governance have presided over the destruction of our country wherein death, murders, migration, beggars, homelessness, prostitution, alienation, suicides, corruption, unemployment is sewn into the fabric of our daily lives. The media continue to misrepresent and distort our people anger and thirst for freedom. We must support our new heroes and heroine as they will try to present them as criminals, the existing Babylon system must be preserved at all cost, it is their sole reason for living!! written in code inside the IMF structural adjustment handbook, Andrew Holness and Peter Phillip will ensure that. What is affecting ST THOMAS is affecting every parish in Jamaica!!!

We must create our own community councils (JLP AND PNP) and elect our true leaders to represent our interest in parliament!! Those who come from outside to divide and exploit must be booted out, there must be right of recall if and when the community leader is not fulfilling his or her mandate, we must incorporate the church leaders, youth leaders, community police officers, women leaders, and students to reject these fake leaders who only represent the rich and foreign interests. We must start a campaign against the IMF/Private sector economic apartheid, the most noted financial publication has shown that the debt is unpayable!!!

The government must use that fund to develop our country for our people benefit. We must thank ST THOMAS for continuing the tremor felt in 1865, enough is enough!!!

Carlos Daley holds an executive certificate in Strategic management and business evaluation from Harvard University and a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Maryland.
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This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life.


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