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The widely touted liberalization Spearheaded by the then prime minister of Jamaica and endorse by the private sector organization of Jamaica saw for the first time in our history the massive transfer of wealth to the finance sector. This was carried out with vigor by the current opposition finance minister, who saw no relationship between high unemployment and crime, globe trotting for loan to wet the appetite of his masters, the financial sector. A writer for this news paper requested a research to be done to show the link to the high crime rate and the economic policies pursued by the Patterson regime and were flatly denied because of the researcher party affiliation. The academic fraternity is morally bankrupt. The national interest is always sacrificed because if the national interest is emphasized and protected we would not be in this position today. Privatization has failed the Jamaican people because the business interest has not concentrate on increasing employment but rather to reduce it plus they have become brokers for foreign interest. The various polls have shown that the number one pressing issue is employment but we have a minister whose sole purpose is to ship Jamaicans to foreign land for jobs!! While bringing in costly foreign nationals for local jobs. Our current Prime Minister has continued on this path of privatization and has aggravated the social crisis by signing on to the IMF policy which has a track record of failures. Is there any doubt why the black on black killing continue unabated.

Carlos Daley holds an executive certificate in Strategic management and business evaluation from Harvard University and a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Maryland.


November 8th 2022

Category: The Patriot


The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life.


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