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Since the founding of our nation, Parliament has conducted its affairs with the use of a colonial constitution, which was formulated under the British colonial law. The constitution then became the premise of our judicial processes and administration. Our two major political parties have done nothing to amend the constitution to represent our national objectives, the majority of the afro- centric features of our country or to further the unity and development of Jamaica. They have instead, used this colonial manuscript to further the division and underdevelopment of our country to increasingly benefit the entrenched elite. To change this, we have to start with the amendment of the constitution in the pursuit of eradicating tribalism and poverty and the strengthening of our democracy. The political system that alienated our people and communities needs to begin to empower them again. The JPM proposes amendments to our constitution to remove all vestiges of colonialism.

Among the amendments and political proposals to be implemented are:

  • The abolition of the Governor General’s post as the Queen’s Representative and the establishment of a President elected by all voters.
  • The complete revocation of our membership in the Commonwealth.
  • A demand of the British government for full reparation and an official apology for its participation in the slave trade.
  • The establishment of Jamaica as a Republic.
  • All persons vying for the position of a Member of Parliament must reside in their constituency and reside permanently in Jamaica. He or she must be a Jamaican citizen and must have no allegiance to any foreign power.
  • All pertinent laws must be passed in Parliament within 90days; our Parliament must be a working body to fulfill our citizens need.
  • All public records must be available to our citizens for review and examination within 2years.

The Jamaica Patriot Purpose

This is an attempt to create a revolutionary movement to arrest the social decline of our country and reverse foreign domination of our economic and political life.


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