The Jamaica Patriotic Movement congratulates the Honorable Portia Simpson Miller, leader of the Peoples National Party on winning the recently concluded national election by decimating the representative of the rich, Andrew Holness, the racist section of the Jamaica labor party and the colonial mindset that would want to sacrifice our sovereignty at the altar of the imf/private sector austerity program. Your loss at the hands of the now disgraced Bruce Golding was due to the economic hardship under the Patterson administration which caused great pain and hardship on our people. Your Motto should have been “changing course” not “staying the course”. Our people have reached a level of political maturity that the Jamaica labor party has yet to decipher. Our people are tired of the game of divide and rule strategies that transferred over from their colonial experience since our independence. They showed their love for your concern and sympathy for their plight and need concrete solutions to their problems. All efforts should be directed at putting all resources of the state to put our people to work. The manufacturing sector   should be given tax incentive to have them increase production for export to earn foreign exchange, a housing development drive to provide our people affordable houses, putting a ban on all locally produce imports, continuing our democratic process by giving our important public bodies statuary powers such as the Judiciary, the electoral office of Jamaica and the department of public prosecution. This Parliamentary act will begin the transformation of removing the tribal/garrison politics that have caused so much suffering and pain.

On the issue of the debt, the truth must be told. Our country cannot continue on the path of borrowing to pay the Private sector. Audley Shaw intention of using IMF loan to pay off local bond holders was design to destroy our public institution and reduce us to abject poverty. We cannot pay both debts at the same time. We have to ask our local creditors for a ten year reprieve and use that savings to finance the development of our inner cities and our SME enterprises or cancelled the IMF debt!! These are bold challenges that demand bold leadership!! The blood of Marcus Garvey, Nanny, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, Norman Manley, Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Marlene Ottey, and Eric mcnish runs in your vein.

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