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The American culture industry plays a substantial role in the symbolic reproduction of capitalism and, therefore, in its maintenance as a system, guaranteeing the triumph of stereotypes as superior forms of ideology.

The great factory of "entertainment" is the matrix of the assumed slave, which swarms in the overcrowded and increasingly violent cities of capitalism. 

The American culture industry plays a substantial role in the symbolic reproduction of capitalism and, therefore, in its maintenance as a system, guaranteeing the triumph of stereotypes as superior forms of ideology. The great factory of «entertainment», the frivolous entertainment industry, which reproduces stars and celebrities without essence and without the soul, is the matrix of the assumed slave that swarms in the overcrowded and increasingly violent cities of capitalism.

The American cultural product and its scientifically elaborated substitutes give us pleasure, entertain us, and uncomplex the processes of thought and analysis of reality. Television products created in the laboratory, the gossip shows, the psychological talk shows, invade our homes, the family space, and those unreal, silly, and frivolous beings share our lives.

The distance is getting shorter and shorter. Televisions are getting bigger and bigger and occupying more space, they conquer every room, every wall and from them, they speak to us, they tell us, they entertain us. It is the smiling "family" that replaces the neighbor, the board game, the extended family after-dinner, fed with coffee, tea, and the experiences of the day. A glamorous, friendly, and banal army takes over minds, behavior, and emotions, from televisions, computers, and smartphones, artifacts that are increasingly merging. Your will is being taken over by new and invisible occupying forces without your suspicions. The bullets of this war are no longer aimed at the body, but at its emotions, contradictions, and vulnerabilities.

The saturation of junk information manufactured in laboratories of the groups and task-forces of the centers of cultural and psychological warfare acts on the minds of the individuals who are the object of this bombardment, overloading them with images and preconceived ideas, capable of creating trivial concepts about the politics and everyday life. Lies, manipulation, and deception mobilize the cultural colonized, whose maximum ambition is to live in the great consumer centers of the empire, the one that denies its flag and its history, skilled in pretending and mimicking. The capitalism of the XXI century is characterized by an absolute disregard for the truth; postmodern man has become a man detached from almost everything that surrounds him, except his Smartphone and a dozen products that he voraciously consumes.

Submerged in his bubble, a slave to the gadgets, surrounded by sensors and software that know more about his life than his family. In other words, an individual reduced to the category of object. He lives only for himself, thinking of pleasure without restrictions. Encyclopedist of useless knowledge, who lives in the middle of an avalanche that misinforms him. It is about annihilating everything that contradicts, what challenges, the uncomfortable, the difficult, the profound, and the social.

Faced with this scenario, there is no other alternative than to defend the essential values ​​of humanity, the values ​​of socialism, solidarity, to oppose that inflictive and banal man the new man that Che dreamed of and represented. We must superimpose faith in the human being, faith in the future, the absolute belief in the possibility of a better world, to the self-destructive culture of neoliberal discarding.

It is about defending the revolutionary culture, giving way to "socialist enlightenment" and the universal debate of ideas that saves us from nothingness, from the fall into the void that capitalism offers us.

Author; Raul Antonia Capote, international@ granma.cu,  10/20/2020

Carlos Daley holds an executive certificate in Strategic management and business evaluation from Harvard University and a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Maryland.


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January 18th 2021
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