Trump for "White America"
It is too much aggression against human intelligence to know what is happening in American society, in which a diseased system with metastases is staging incredible events with a view to the mid-term elections that are being held today, with a possible tilt of the balance – even more – towards a return of Donald Trump to the presidency of the country, in 2ovember 7, 2022 22:11:53

What do specialists and media warn?

The latest "Cuba Poll" (Cuba survey), conducted by Florida International University, indicates that the Republican Party continues to be the favorite of Cuban-Americans in the south of that state.

According to the Spanish agency EFE, Latinos in Florida, where 27% of the population is from, can give the Republicans a complete victory in the elections in this state, including Miami, which runs the risk of being flooded by the Republican "red tide."

Some wonder in the media itself: "what will happen to Social Security, Medicare, or lower drug prices if the Republicans win control of Congress?"

An opinion article, published in the Los Angeles Times in Spanish, analyzes the circumstances and possibilities on which Donald Trump's re-election campaign is based, going through the midterm elections this Tuesday.

It warns that "extremist groups travel to 16 key states to achieve a majority in Congress, through the circus called Tour of the new awakening of America, a spectacle more typical of a banana republic, never imagined in the United States, in which Eric Trump gives the welcome, and assures that his father – whom he puts on the phone – “will return to the country to the course from which he should never have left”.

Likewise, a caravan of evangelicals distorts the Bible and manipulates it; It asserts that "Christianity is under attack" and carries the dangerous central message of "fighting for a white America, under an evangelical Christian way of life." Protesters spread lies from supposed prophets and creators of conspiracy theories, who claim that this election and the 2024 presidential election, are no longer between Republicans and Democrats, but between "good and evil."

With such announcements, can anyone sane say that one side or the other definitely suits him? What a democracy!

By; Elson Concepcion Perez,, 11/07/2022