Ukrainian forces launch attacks on towns and other areas along the border with Russia. 

The United States and NATO found themselves "the goose that laid the golden eggs" in Ukraine. There they have created a military laboratory for the first purpose of encircling and destabilizing Russia, and, by extension, expanding the threat against China, perhaps a larger and longer-term objective.

So much so, that NATO is already opening offices in Asia and offering advice to China's neighbors so that they recognize and support the secession of territories from the Asian giant, such as Taiwan.

In the war laboratory in Ukraine, the most sophisticated media formulas are also tested to deceive the international community with false, semi-false news and other sweetened stories, so that there is a justification for sending arms to Kiev and, in parallel, sanctions are supported ever greater against Moscow.The news about the attempts of the Ukrainian forces to break the line of the Russian military defenses near the city of Artiomovsk is inscribed in this last aspect, Sputnik points out.

From Moscow, the Ministry of Defense reported that "there was no such break", because all the attacks were repelled.

This Sunday, the Ukrainian president, Vladimir Zelensky, visiting Berlin, said that "Kiev wants to create a coalition of fighters" with modern aircraft that he is requesting from the West, "mainly f-16 fighters," he said.German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, approached by the press about it, avoided giving a concrete answer, but said that "we have already supported them a lot and we will continue to support them for as long as necessary."Zelensky, for his part, thanked the German government for its commitment to deliver a new batch of military aid to Ukraine, for 2.7 billion euros.

From the United States, The Washington Post newspaper published classified documents from the Pentagon, in which it is verified that the Ukrainian president proposed "to blow up the Druzhba pipeline, which supplies Russian oil to Hungary", as well as to attack and occupy Russian territories near the border. with Ukraine, to "gain influence over Moscow."The reality is that months have passed, and what at the beginning could have been resolved at a negotiating table, became, with the interference of the West, a conflict with a high risk of exceeding the borders of the contenders and affecting, as it is happening, to all humanity.

The war in Ukraine has shown the true face of some European governments that have preferred to sacrifice their people with a lack of gas or high fuel prices, in exchange for sanctioning Russia and sending money and weapons to Kiev.From the US, President Biden and his team are doing something very similar to what they do with Israel with Ukraine: arming it and stimulating it as a spearhead, in the case of Ukraine against Russia, and in the case of Israel against the Palestinians, Syrians , Iranians and the Arab world as a whole.

Those responsible for the European Union do the same, first of all its diplomatic chief –what diplomacy!–, Josep Borrell, who the day before, after the shipment to Kiev of the largest consignment of German weapons, “invited all the countries of the I was to follow that example."In a similar action, the British Government has supplied Ukraine with Storm Shadow cruise missiles, implying that London is committed to an escalation of the conflict, and fully involves it in its possible outcome.This Saturday it was reported that kyiv used the aforementioned cruise missile in a bombardment of the city of Lugansk, where several people were injured and some homes destroyed. 

According to the Sputnik site, two Ukrainian warplanes that reached the city of Lugansk, equipped with these British cruise missiles, were shot down by Russian fighters, reported from the Russian Ministry of Defense.They also revealed that since the start of the Russian Special Military Operation, 424 Ukrainian aircraft, 231 helicopters, 4,117 drones, 421 air defense systems, 9,119 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1,100 multiple rocket launchers, 4 806 pieces of field artillery and mortars, and 10,167 special military vehicles.

By; Elson Concepcion Perez,